Open Architecture model with delegated portfolio management

Since 1998, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions has been selecting the best-positioned funds from a universe of world-renowned fund houses, including large but also more “niche” asset managers. Since 2007, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions’ Open Architecture model has evolved towards selecting first-class investment management expertise, not always available through investment funds and on-boarding them on our Luxembourg fund platform.

A wide choice: today our offer of UCI delegated to external portfolio managers (more than 30 managers) ranges from US, European, Asia, Global and emerging equity managers, US, Euro, Asia, Global and emerging markets investment grade and high yield bond managers to alternative managers.

Quality: our selected  managers have demonstrated their ability to generate outperformance within their specific investment domain.
Serenity: our experts constantly monitor the selected managers and adjust the allocation towards those managers depending upon market conditions.
Transparency: information on portfolio composition is available on a daily basis to enable our clients to benefit from consolidated reports.

In total, a team of 12 analysts split between Paris and Amsterdam research, analyse and select the external managers that we put at our clients’ disposal either through existing UCI or tailor-made solutions.

Funds of Mandates and Single Manager Funds: