Our expertise

Open Architecture model with delegated portfolio management

Open Architecture solutions have been in our DNA since 1998

Our Open Architecture model has changed over the last 20 years. Many competitors offer a selection of external funds whereas ABN AMRO Investment Solutions has been building its Open Architecture 2.0 delegated mandate platform since 2007.

The originality stems from the combination of those two Open Architecture models in the best interest of our clients.


A wide choice: today our offer of UCI delegated to external portfolio managers (more than 40 managers) ranges from US, European, Asia, Global, emerging and SRI equity managers, Euro, Global and SRI investment grade and high yield bond managers to alternative managers.

From concrete objectives to performing solutions:


  • Mono asset class solution dedicated to one external manager with one specific investment style
  • Concentrated, high alpha portfolio
  • Single Manager Fund


  • Portfolio invested in one asset class and/or geographical zone
  • Active style allocation over complementary portfolio managers
  • Fund of Mandates


  • Global asset allocation between various asset classes, investment styles and managers
  • "Target driven" investments
  • Profile Fund


  • Complying with regulatory or client constraints
  • Multi or mono asset class
  • Bespoke servicing

These solutions offer you:

  • Quality: our selected managers have demonstrated their ability to generate outperformance within their specific investment domain.
  • Serenity: our experts constantly monitor the selected managers and adjust the allocation towards these managers depending upon market conditions.
  • Transparency: information on portfolio composition is available on a daily basis to enable our clients to benefit from consolidated reports.

In total, a team of 12 analysts split between Paris and Amsterdam researches, analyses and selects the external managers that we make available for our clients either through our delegated solutions.


At ABN AMRO Investment Solutions, multi-management revolves around two activities:

• Multi-asset portfolio management combines funds of funds, funds of mandates and profiled funds designed for private and institutional clients in France, Netherlands and worldwide.

• Alternative investment offers a range of absolute performance oriented solutions (non-benchmarked), alternative solution (Hedge Funds and Private Equity) as well as risk budget-constrained solutions.