ABN AMRO's Profielfonds 4 and 5 win Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards

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We are pleased to announce that ABN AMRO Investment Solutions was awarded twice at the Dutch Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards 2017. While last year only ABN AMRO Profielfonds 5 was awarded, this year both ABN AMRO Profielfonds 4 and 5 won a Lipper Fund Award. The combined size of these fund is € 1.5 billion.

An all-in-one investment solution

With an asset under management that reached EUR 3.5 billion as of 28 Feb 2017, ABN AMRO Profile Funds are an investment solution that give our clients easy and efficient access to the knowledge and expertise of the world’s best third-party asset managers, carefully selected by the analysts of the Manager Research team. The funds are managed in line with the clients' risk profiles and according to the investment views of the ABN AMRO Global Investment Committee. This ensures that the funds are always aligned with market circumstances.

For more than three decades and in over 20 countries worldwide, the Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards have honored funds and fund management firms that have excelled in providing consistently strong risk-adjusted performance relative to their peers. 

NB: ABN AMRO Profielfonds 4 and 5 are registered for public distribution in the Netherlands.

Note: Main risks of the ABN AMRO Profile Funds
Credit risk, liquidity risk, counterparty risk, derivatives risk, risk linked to equity markets, interest rate risk, currency exchange risk, commodity market risk, emerging market risk.
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