Sustainable Investment Ambitions

ABN AMRO Investment Solutions sustainability ambition is fully supported by its parent company ABN AMRO N.V. who aims to have a prominent position as a sustainable player. ABN AMRO intends to take responsibility for its actions and commitments as a member of society by having a personal impact on the planet and on individuals.
In 2017, ABN AMRO's CEO Kees van Dijkhuizen committed to make the standard flagship investment offering more sustainable by doubling sustainable private banking assets from €8bn in 2017 to €16 billion by 2020. ABN AMRO Investment Solutions is actively taking part in this challenge by structuring and promoting new sustainable solutions to its clients and by engaging with its investment management partners to adopt sustainable practices. This initiative has conducted ABN AMRO Investment Solutions to increase its total outstanding amount of sustainable assets by 47%, from €932 million as of end of December 2017 to €1,362 million per end of December 2018.
ABN AMRO Investment Solutions defines and implements its own investment policy, which is fully in line with the Group's commitment to a sustainable future. Therefore, when selecting a manager for the ABN AMRO Fund platform, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions defines a minimum set of sustainable criteria. This set of criteria is fully applicable to all investment strategies. Managers need to demonstrate their responsiveness by showing that they take into consideration ESG criteria in their corporate and investment policies. Moreover, ABN AMRO N.V. requires all its subsidiaries, including ABN AMRO Investment Solutions, to implement a list of banned investments. This list is composed of companies involved in weapons and countries deemed as controversial. In addition to the previous list, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions monitors and implements an exclusion list. Companies that derive more than 10% of their revenue from tobacco production and companies that are in breach with the United Nations Global Compact principles compose the exclusion list. For the SRI (socially responsible investing) flagged fund range, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions ensures that the managers comply with the set of criteria mentioned above as well as with high standard sustainable processes mitigating negative and positive screenings.