Warning : We have been informed of the existence of a fraud attempt in which are used ABN AMRO Investment Solutions name, logo and/or employees identity. ABN AMRO Investment Solutions is taking the appropriate corrective measures to limit the impact of this fraud attempt. We ask you to be vigilant. Please note that employees of ABN AMRO Investment Solutions will under no circumstance reach out to you as a consumer directly, nor will make an investment offer to you directly. Should you feel uncomfortable with an investment offer made to you, please contact the AMF (Financial Regulator) services.

Our Expertise

ABN AMRO Investment Solutions is the multi-management center of expertise of ABN AMRO Bank, offering investment solutions for Private Banking and Institutional clients worldwide.

Since 1998, we are a pioneer in Open Architecture through fund selection, symbolised by multi-management and delegated portfolio management:

  • Significant coverage of asset categories and investment styles
  • Selection of long-only, alternatives and UCITS funds
  • SRI fund selection since 2003

In 2007 we created our unique and evoluting mandate platform, offering:

  • Concentrated strategies
  • Competitive fee structures and daily portfolio transparency
  • The implementation of SRI mandates (since 2013)
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ABN AMRO Investment Solutions launched its first fund taking into account environmental, social and governance criteria in 2003. Since then, our offer has continued to grow.

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More than 90 people are working for ABN AMRO Investment Solutions, based in 3 locations: Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

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