Contact details for Institutions and TPDs

If you are an institutional investor or a third-party distributor, please reach out to your local contact person or contact ABN AMRO Investment Solutions directly.

Contact details for the ABN AMRO Network

Please contact your local ABN AMRO branch, your banker or AAIS relationship manager, or reach out to ABN AMRO Investment Solutions directly.

Complaints concerning an investment service provided by ABN AMRO Investment Solutions

ABN AMRO Investment Solutions strives to provide the highest possible standards of service. However, in the event of any issue or disagreement concerning an investment service provided by ABN AMRO Investment Solutions, there are three successive levels of complaint:

  • As a first step, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions invites its clients to send their complaint to their usual contact.

  • Second, a complaint or a request can be sent free of charge to ABN AMRO Investment Solutions’ complaints department at the following address:

ABN AMRO Investment Solutions - Complaints Department
3 Avenue Hoche - 75008 Paris

  • Finally, as a last resort, a complaint may be sent free of charge to the Ombudsman at the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (French Financial Markets Authority) at the following address:

Ms Marielle Cohen-Branche - AMF Ombudsman (AMF )
Autorité des marchés financiers
17 place de la Bourse
75082 Paris Cedex 02

Once your complaint has been received, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions undertakes to send you:

An acknowledgment of receipt within a maximum 10 working days, unless you receive a response within that period.

A response within a maximum of two months (save for legal and contentious complaints). If your complaint cannot be dealt with within the prescribed period (due to the need to repatriate archives, carry out documentary research or for technical reasons, etc.), ABN AMRO Investment Solutions will send you a letter describing the reasons for this additional delay.

You can also access the mediation request form from the AMF website: (under the heading Mediator). Please note that AMF’s mediation charter can be accessed at the same address.