Investment Philosophy

Presentation in meeting room

ABN AMRO Investment Solutions has developed a portfolio management offering, combining direct internal management capabilities, multi-management and delegated portfolio management so as to round out its range.

ABN AMRO Investment Solutions enjoys strong, recognised skills and expertise, through flagship products. Private Wealth Management client, Family offices and institutional clients benefit from those skills through tailored solutions.

The direct internal and multi-management portfolio management offering is based on the following areas of expertise: 

• Equities (French, Euro zone and Global dividend), 

• Fixed income and convertible bonds, 

• Multi-asset,

• Alternative investments,

• Socially Responsible Investing.

Each area of expertise is conviction-driven and decorrelated from benchmark indices, while applying rigorous risk management.

With its Luxembourg SICAV ABN AMRO Multi-Manager Funds, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions also provides access to recognised external expertise through delegated portfolio management.

ABN AMRO Multi-Manager Funds has several sub-funds delegated to external managers specialised in different asset classes, geographic regions and management styles.

In the course of 2017, the direct management strategies will evolve and migrate to this fund platform in order to facilitate international marketing.