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We use profiling as part of our procedures against money laundering, terrorism financing and fraud, and for the purposes of risk management, client acceptance and administration and marketing.


Profiling and the fight against fraud

We have anti-fraud measures in place. For example, we observe how money is fraudulently used to identify behaviours and signals that help take measures to avoid fraud in the future.

The fight against money laundering and terrorism financing

We have to be especially careful over unusual behaviour in transactions and operations that by nature carry a higher risk of money laundering. We are bound to inform TRACFIN (France’s anti-money laundering agency) of any suspicions we might have. To carry out this surveillance, we establish risk profiles for all clients. Depending on the profile, more or less care is take over transactions and behaviours.

Client and product acceptance

We may proceed with profiling when you wish to buy a product to assess if the investment solution matches your investor profile. We apply the procedure both to new and existing clients who wish to benefit from a new product or as part of a portfolio review.

The right to oppose profiling

In some cases, you may object to your data being used in profiling. We cannot always accept your request due to legal limitations like our regulatory obligations to fight against fraud and money laundering. You can always refuse profiling for direct marketing purposes by clicking on the dedicated link in each marketing document we send you.