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Purposes of data collected


We use your personal data to offer you the best services and to ensure that our offers are as efficient and reliable as possible. We have six purposes:

Contract conclusion and execution

We need your data to conclude these contracts with you and then execute them.

Risk management

Your personal data is needed to detect, assess and manage risks. We conduct checks to ensure compliance with rules and to help us intervene on risk events or prevent them happening.

Improving our products and services

To offer products and services which best meet our clients’ needs and interests, we use your data to analyse your requirements and those of other clients.


We use you data to ensure that your assets, and those of all our clients, are secure. For example, we have introduced mechanisms against fraud and all kinds of damages, both in your interests and those of our firm and third parties.

Corporate social responsibility and legal obligations

We may have to alert the authorities to unusual transactions as part of our arrangements to fight against terrorism financing, money laundering, market abuses and fraud. The authorities may also ask us to provide information, and personal data in particular, as part of their surveys and checks. We first establish that the request is valid and legitimate before providing such information.

New purposes for existing arrangements

We may have to use your data for other purposes than those for which you had initially provided them. This new purpose must be compatible with the initial purpose of your data.

  • We conduct checks to see if a new use of your data is legally compatible.
  • Does this new purpose have an obvious connection with the initial purpose of your data?
  • Did we collect initial data directly from you or from a third party?
  • What data type has been collected and are the data highly confidential?
  • What consequences would a new use of your data for a different purpose have for you?
  • What measures can we take to best protect your data during this new use?