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The ABN AMRO Group and your data


We handle your data with every care and only share such data as is necessary to offer you the best service. 

Collected data may be transmitted, insofar as is required to ensure completion of the tasks for which they have been provided, to ABN AMRO Group companies and to the Neuflize OBC Group to help, for example, manage operations and to ensure IT security, the provision of specific services and products, internal administration and/or operational management or because of a legal obligation.

Group companies also have the right to send you sales proposals provided that you can ascertain that these companies really belong to our Group. This may be proved by the use of our logo or brand name or when their affiliate status is clearly indicated on their internet site or in advertisements.

ABN AMRO Investment Solutions is an affiliate of Banque Neuflize OBC which is part of Holland’s ABN AMRO Group. 

ABN AMRO Investment Solutions is part of the Neuflize OBC group.