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Transmission to third parties

It may be necessary to transmit your data to third parties in certain situations. These third parties are persons or public bodies which help us provide service offers.



We work with service providers. Subcontracting and outsourcing are subject to special rules. Subcontractors may need your personal data to provide us with their services. We take the utmost care over choosing these companies. Our subcontractor contracts feature the required clauses over compliance with data security and confidentiality during processing. We remain liable even when we use third parties.


We also work with intermediaries who may market our products and services. These companies handle your personal data and are subject to data security and confidentiality as they are also responsible for this use.

State entities

State entities such as the tax authorities, courts and investigative authorities like the police, state prosecutors, courts of justice and our own supervisory authorities may ask us to provide personal data, including yours. After establishing the request’s validity and legitimacy, we are bound to comply.

Investment service providers

We may, on demand and with your express consent, transmit your personal data to other investment service providers. When you transmit our data to third parties under your right to data portability, or because of other obligations, we are not liable for the use that the recipients may subsequently make of your data. Any personal data use by third parties is subject to their own personal data protection policies.