Running our business we have an impact on society and we assume the responsibilities this brings.

SRI Policies
To make sure that our investment portfolios meet our sustainability criteria, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions has a number of sustainability statements in place, our Sustainability Approach. These documents re written in accordance with our parent company ABN AMRO’s Sustainability Risk Management Framework, although we may have stricter criteria in place were deemed necessary.
With our Sustainability Approach we intend to support our clients in taking better informed investment decisions. Our approach may have a negative impact on financial returns on the short run, for instance by excluding part of the investment universe, but in the long run we intend to decrease the sustainability risk exposure and thus financial risk to our portfolios. Our approach is focused on the funds that we offer via our own investment platforms. We realise that we may have indirect exposure on unsustainable sectors or companies via external funds that are not onboarded on our platforms, however, we strive to minimise these risks as much as possible.