Who we are

We are ABN AMRO Investment Solutions (“AAIS”): about 80 experienced investment specialists, offering a broad range of investment products & solutions to ABN AMRO Bank N.V.’s (“ABN AMRO”) private banking & retail clients, in the Netherlands, as well as Belgium, France, and Germany, and to other distributors, throughout Europe. We manage EUR 17.7 bn (December 2020 including assets under Fiduciary Management), diversified across different asset classes, and delegated to about 30 high quality asset managers from all over the world.

In our capacity as the Asset Manager of ABN AMRO and regulated portfolio management company, we have a proven 20-year track record in selecting sustainable third-party funds. In 2017, we launched our first, exclusive ESG sub-advisory funds, delegating European equities to EdenTree Investment Management and US equities to Parnassus Investments. Both are widely considered as sustainability pioneers within their countries. Last year, we launched our first impact fund with Symbiotics.

We believe that sustainable investing is not a trend but is here to stay. We are committed to today’s society and to future generations. We want to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable society, together with our clients and partners. To achieve this, we are focused on offering sustainable investment products & solutions.

Read more about who we are, where we come from and where we want to go in our Green Paper and in the overview below.


A little bit of history … where we come from

Our Sustainability Record

  1. 2021

    • Implementation of Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation
    • Publication of our positioning paper (Green Paper), explaining where we currently stand on Sustainability and where we want to go
  2. 2020

    ABN AMRO Investment Solutions onboards its first impact strategies on its exclusivities platform :

    • Symbiotics Emerging Markets Impact Debt1
    • ABN AMRO Aegon  Global Impact Equity1

    Upgrade to new voting policy with ISS.

  3. 2019

    We obtain a LuxFlag ESG label for three of our exclusivities:

    •  ABN AMRO Parnassus US Sustainable Equities
    • ABN AMRO Liontrust European Sustainable Equities
    • ABN AMRO EdenTree European Sustainable Equities

    During the PRI conference in September 2019 in Paris, we host a side event on sustainability labels:  “Beyond Sustainability Labels”, discussing among others the European landscape of sustainability labels, the EU Taxonomy and the EU Ecolabel.

    ABN AMRO Bank achieves its sustainability ambition for 2020 (doubling of sustainable assets under management from EUR 8 billion in 2017 to EUR 16 billion in 2020)

  4. 2018

    In addition to the already existing exclusions of companies involved in controversial weapons, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions decides to exclude companies involved in the production of tobacco and companies breaching the UN Global Compact Principles 

    ABN AMRO Investment Solutions selects a new sustainable strategy to be part of its exclusivities platform:

    • ABN AMRO Liontrust European Sustainable Equities1

    ABN AMRO Investment Solutions delegates most of its directly managed sustainable (and other) funds to Candriam as part of its strategy to focus on an open architecture solutions Horizon

  5. 2017

    ABN AMRO Investment Solutions selects two sustainable strategies to be part of its exclusivities platform:

    • ABN AMRO Parnassus US Sustainable Equities1
    • ABN AMRO EdenTree European Sustainable Equities1

    ABN AMRO Investments Solutions publishes its first mandatory Energy transition and green growth Act: the LTECV report 

    ABN AMRO Group commits to its 2020 sustainable investment targets (ABN AMRO's 2020 sustainable target was to grow sustainable assets under management from EUR 8 billion in 2017 to EUR 16 billion in 2020)

  6. 2014

    ABN AMRO Investment Solutions starts using sustainable indicators to choose its delegated external strategies 

    ABN AMRO Investment Solutions' directly managed Profiled Funds2 become sustainable by integrating a best in class approach and ESG safeguards, such as exclusions.

  7. 2013

    ABN AMRO Investment Solutions launches ABN AMRO Global Sustainable Equities: the first sustainable portfolio management strategy.

  8. 2012

    ABN AMRO Euro Sustainable Money Market becomes a sustainable fund 

    Our parent company ABN AMRO Bank N.V. signs the UNPRI

  9. 2006

    ABN AMRO Investment Solutions includes external sustainable funds in its recommended list

  10. 2003

    ABN AMRO Investment Solutions launches its first directly managed sustainable fund

[1] Please note: The availability of this strategy is not the same per country and can depend on the type of client as well. Please contact ABN AMRO Investment Solutions if you are interested in investing in one of these funds.
[2] These Profile Funds are not part of our current offering anymore.