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Sustainable future

ABN AMRO Investment Solutions defines and implements its own investment policy, which is fully in line with the ABN AMRO’s commitment to a sustainable future. Therefore, when selecting a manager for one of our platforms  ABN AMRO Investment Solutions defines a minimum set of sustainable criteria. This set of criteria is fully applicable to all investment strategies. Managers need to demonstrate their responsiveness by showing that they take Sustainability criteria into consideration in their corporate and investment policies.

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ABN AMRO Investment Solutions monitors and implements an exclusions list. Controversial countries, controversial weapons, companies that are non-compliant with one or more of the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact and growers and manufacturers of tobacco compose the basis of the exclusion list. For the ESG and Sustainable flagged fund range, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions ensures that the managers comply with the set of criteria mentioned above as well as with high standard sustainable processes implying additional  negative and positive screenings.

Under ”Product Range” and “Sustainability Related Disclosures – Sustainability Risk Policy Framework” we disclose more in-depth information on our methodology, including an explanation of the exclusions we apply to our fund range. Next to that we highlight our approach to two high risk topics from a sustainability perspective (Climate and Defence-related activities).