A year full of stars for ABN AMRO Investment Solutions

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Through year 2016 and since early 2017, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions has been distinguished many times for their funds’ performance, and their expertise in asset management.

ABN AMRO Investment Solutions launched its Open Architecture 2.0 model almost 10 years ago with 3 pioneering Funds of Mandates, which have now achieved the highest Morningstar rating of five stars: AA MMF FoM European Equities1, AA MMF FoM North American Equities2, and AA MMF FoM Asia Pacific Equities3.

A Fund of Mandates typically delegates part of its portfolio management to between 3 and 6 external managers delivering a broadly diversified portfolio in terms of styles, managers and underlying securities.

Single Manager Funds also stand out with five and four Morningstar stars. These funds allow investors to invest in a specific management style developed by an external manager, usually not accessible through a traditional open-end fund.

Single Manager Funds rated 5 stars by Morningstar:

ABN AMRO Wellington European Equities4, ABN AMRO Aristotle US Equities5, ABN AMRO Loomis US Equities6, ABN AMRO Schroders Euro Corporate Bonds7.

Single Manager Funds rated 4 stars by Morningstar:

ABN AMRO Henderson European Smaller Companies Equities8, ABN AMRO Boston Partners US Smaller Companies Equities9, ABN AMRO BlackRock Asia Pacific ex Japan Equities10.

Profile funds rated five and four stars by Morningstar

The same applies to the Profile Funds, which are rated five stars (ABN AMRO Profielfonds 4, 5 and 6) and four stars (ABN AMRO Profielfonds 3 et ABN AMRO Profielfonds 2). With these funds, we give our clients easy and efficient access to a portfolio managed by the world’s best third-party asset managers, carefully selected by our analysts. The funds are managed in line with the clients' risk profiles and according to the investment views of the ABN AMRO Global Investment Committee. This ensures that the funds are always aligned with market circumstances.

Direct Management rewards

Morningstar also honored the direct management expertise of ABN AMRO Investment Solutions by awarding it 5 stars for ABN AMRO Global Convertibles11, and 4 stars for ABN AMRO Total Return Global Bonds12, ABN AMRO Euro Short Term Bonds13, ABN AMRO European Convertibles14, ABN AMRO European Moderate Convertibles15 and ABN AMRO French Equities16.


To complete this picture, in 2016, the ABN AMRO Total Return Global Bonds Fund received the 2016 Globes Silver Money Trophy, awarded by Gestion de Fortune french magazine, praising the quality of the fund to create outperformance while being able to withstand significant market declines in recent years.

Finally, the Profielfonds 5 was ranked by Lipper Fund Award (Thomson Reuters 2016) among the best funds in its category.

The Morningstar rating allows investors to compare the performance of investment funds within a particular Morningstar category in the blink of an eye. The number of stars received by a fund (ranging from one to five) is not only based on its past performance but also on its costs and risk. Investment funds with a five-star Morningstar rating are in the top 10% of their Morningstar category.

Source: Morningstar as at 02/28/2017.

Share classes : 1 Class I Eur, 2 Class I USD, 3 Class C Eur , 4 Class A, 5 Class A Eur, 6 Class C Eur, 7 Class A Eur, 8 Class C Eur, 9 Class A Eur, 10 Class C USD, 11 Class I , 12 Class C, 13 Class I, 14 Class I, 15 Class I, 16 Class C.

Promotional document prepared by ABN AMRO Investment Solutions (“AAIS”) for information purposes only. Every investment carries risks and may lead to you losing your investment. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. The information on the funds described is no substitute for the completeness of the information, especially information on the risk profile, contained in the prospectuses available from AAIS or on the website www.abnamroinvestmentsolutions.com Complaints may be sent free of charge to the AAIS customer service department using the following email address: aais.contact@fr.abnamro.com This publication may not be reproduced, circulated or distributed to third parties without the prior written consent of AAIS.